Steps to Follow While Using Blackhead Remover

Published: 21st September 2011
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Blackheads can happen to anyone at some or other point of life and at times they can stubbornly remain long after acne has cleared up. Though it can be tempting to remove blackheads, but getting rid of blackheads actually is the best task to do. You can remove blackheads through many ways and one of the most popular methods is using blackhead remover.

Blackhead remover is the tool used by dermatologist or cosmetologist to remove black heads. Using appropriate blackhead remover is very important in removing blackheads. Whenever you go to a cosmetologist or dermatologist for blackhead removal, be sure to take your own tools like your own blackhead remover. This will be helpful for you to prevent blood born infections like HIV.

However, if you have decided to finish your task of blackhead removal at home by yourself, then here are few important steps that you have to follow while using a blackhead remover.

Step 1: Sanitize the blackhead remover

This is most obvious yet ignored step in using a blackhead remover. So, always remember to clean a blackhead remover neatly before you use it on your face. Cleaning a blackhead remover is not a tough task as you think. You can easily wash a blackhead remover with soap and warm water.

Step 2: Prepare your face

Afterblackhead remover is sanitized appropriately, now it is time to prepare your face for using it. For easy removal of blackheads, you have to make pores of skin open. So, to do this, just grab a clean wash cloth and wet it in a stream of hot water.

Now squeeze water from it and apply it on prominent areas of your face where you have blackheads. Otherwise you can give steam for your face for few minutes to make pores of your skin open. But be very careful and donít burn your skin.

Step 3: Extracting blackheads

Most of tools for removal of blackheads like tweezers and other blackhead remover come with two ends. Use both ends carefully and while extracting blackheads press down the tool directly over the blackhead that you want to eliminate. If you have open pore, press gently because if the pores are open it is quite easy to remove blackheads.

Step 4: Clean up

After eliminating the blackheads, clean your skin thoroughly. You can apply tea tree oil one the affected parts of skin and gently massage for few seconds and then clean it with fresh cold water to close the pores.

As far as blackhead remover is concerned, it is very essential for you to wash it with warm water and soap right after using it.

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